Sunday, February 21, 2016

I finally got the title to my RV !!! Its been a year since i put it on "lay-away". so now its fully paid and mine , aaalllll mine. :)
 Tuesday we will be moving it to its new permanent place.
 I will be soooo busy. First on the agenda : clean up. its been sitting for over ten years and used for storage.
I'm so excited but also very nervous. i will relax when its in its spot.
its only 50 miles but with my luck....That's why i will get insurance for it just for that move, id rather pay $100 , better safe than sorry. i hope everything will go OK.
i will make lots of pics.
Ya'll wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I have been busy collecting tips , tricks and ideas for the RV. I've joined a couple of RV Face Book groups and i have decided on a Beach theme.
I absolutely love the beach and wish i could live close to it but since that's not possible i can at least pretend i am .
So here are a couple of pics from the interior of my RV.
 Please excuse the mess, the owners more or less just parked it since last use and used it for storing odds and ends.
So this is the kitchen:
                   Whats with that mirror? Whoever thought that looks good?
                   Its one of the first things that will have to go!!!Ugly , ugly , ugly!!!                                                                            
                                                                                                                                                                   I hope it comes off easy !!!

                                                                                                                                                              The cabinets and walls will be painted white, all of them , throughout the RV and they will have some kind of color accent, not sure yet what, probably a light sea foam green or a nice soft coral red.
I love wood, but since this is such a small space ( and some of the cabinet door parts are some kind of fake wood anyways), the white will make it look bigger and will bring light in there.
 I'm looking at several knobs to put on the doors. I have my eyes on some beach glass ones but they are pricey, so i guess ill make my own, maybe from shells I've collected.
                                                                                                                                                                That leather/ vinyl cabinet end piece will be replaced by a spice rack. Those window cornices also will be removed, they are over every window in there.Same with that thing over the door.

                                                                                                                                                                The counter top will need a makeover too, but not sure yet what its gonna be.                                                
I came across a very neat idea about the stove back splash on pinterest. It will put a good deal of color there and stick with the beach theme.
Aaaahhh, how i wish i could start already.
Of course before i can tackle any of that there will be a great cleanup first. its not bad dirty but it has been sitting there unused for several years.
I will reveal more of my plans for my future weekend getaway/home in the next few days. Now im getting back to pinterest and see what else i can find :)
Also working on a thick pair of socks for a auction for a friends rabbit club.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

So i had the opportunity to buy a '83 Winnebago (33 foot long) from my employer on a layaway deal for really , really cheap. Well, for me its still a fortune but since i can pay as i can afford it , i just had to do it. It will be parked permanently on a friends property in the country. I hope to have it moved there early next year.There will be a lot of redecorating and upgrading going on.

I am so very excited about this. Eventually this will be my home , but hopefully for several years yet it will be my weekend getaway.
As this will be located at my friends farm with sheep, goats, rabbits etc. i will be in paradise.I'm already researching and collecting ideas how to redecorate.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Well Hello there :)
After several years (3 1/2) absence i have decided to start posting again.
Just a few here and there , more regular a few months from now.
Just a short recap: I've had a major life change about 3 years ago ( separated from husband after 8 years of hell) and subsequently had to deal with some mental issues (PTSD , due to severe mental abuse),which left me in a state of severe depression and anxiety attacks.
But with the help of friends , who i will be forever grateful for, i am ready to leave the past behind and look forward to new adventures.
I will be revising some of my older posts and remove any pics or mentions of my ex.So if some of the tags on some of the posts are not accurate, i apologize.
Now with this out of the way: lets dive into new and exciting times to come.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Gaby had a Sheep....

So, i finally got my own ...Sheep!!!!
I am happy, happy, happy !
He is a year old Hampshire Down/Sussex Down mix.
Isn't he handsome, his name is Bert:

I cut just a few staples of his side to wash and see how it looks:
Its is quite clean , virtually no vm...

and after the wash:

white as snow and very soft.
The staples are just a little over 2 inches long.
Hopefully by the time i'll undress him it'll grow a little more , hoping for 3 inches.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Checking in...

Yup, i'm still kickin' :)

It's been been about 7 months since i posted last. It's not because nothing is going on, no, quite the opposite.

I have joined the many millions of 9-5ers (well, actually 8-4 ).

And, as luck has it , it has to do with hair, and i love my job.

What , do you ask, does she do?

I am the caregiver ( Kennel Manager) of a LOT of American Cocker Spaniels and , they have hair, lots of hair!

So, once in a while i have to shave one down and of course , i keep the hair.

Here is one i just took off recently . This is Adele, she is 10 month old and this is her first haircut:

before: what a wooly bear :)

and after:

(she looks kinda bewildert, doesn't she ?)


She gave me 6 3/4oz of georgeous ,supersoft hair in a rich chocolate brown with a lovely sheen, very much like Alpaca. Staple lenght is 4-5 inches

I also have the hair of Cosmo, an older Gentleman who is Raven black, i got 3/34 oz from him :

i also have some buff ( a rich medium yellow-tan ) and black and white.My Studio is in a state of disarray at the moment (improvements are beeing made ) but as soon as i lay my hands on them i'll get some pics up.

I can't wait to process them and spin them up.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I won, i won, i won !!!

I want to show you what i got in the mail Friday.
Shortly before Christmas i got an e-mail from MMFWOOL ( Merry Meadows Farm in California) . It announced a contest to win one of their beautiful fleeces. First i didn't enter 'cause i never win anyways but then i thought " what the heck...".
So i told them why i thought i deserved to win .
Well, i didn't get the main prize but i won a $25 ! runner up credit to use on any of their fleeces .
So last week i saw this gorgeous Cormo fleece they offered ( with several others) on eBay.
The price was $32 with free shipping for 1/2 fleece. I pounced! 2.1 # of beautiful Cormo ( they keep all their sheep covered , so the fleeces are very clean).
And this is what i got :

One big box full of heavenly soft wool.
Staple on this is 4+ inches.

It has such a fine,tight little crimp!

The difference between washed and unwashed:

and here after i took the brush to a few locks:snow white and buttery soft:

If you are looking for award winning,super quality fleeces visit the guys at, or eBay,you won't be sorry.
So as soon as it warms up some i will wash all of it and then i'll have to decide what i'm going to do with it.
Leave it pure, unmixed, or mix it with some other fibers? dye it or leave it natural?
I know one thing: i can't wait to Spin it up!!!