Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ashamed !!!

I am such a bad blog keeper upper, i'm so ashamed (hangs her head in shame).
I new i would not have time to update on a daily basis but this is ridiculous!
I will try my best to remedy this .
I've been real busy with my shop lately. I've had quite a few orders especially for my hand knitted patchwork socks.

These socks are truly unique. Not one is the same.
I so enjoy making them.

This pair is available now at my store:
( It was, i just checked the shop and they are sold.:) but if you would like to have a pair,convo me.
They are Dk weight (thick) winter socks.
I also had several orders for spinning fibers(carded batts) and hand dyed locks .
I'm glad , i thought due to the bad economy it would be really slow but it's not bad at all.I'ts been busier but it's enough to where i can keep up comfortably withoout getting stressed.
It seems that spinning is really getting very popular.I wish i had more time to spin myself, it is so relaxing.
I will be offering more hand knitted socks and hand dyed yarn in the next couple of weeks.
If there is anything you see in my shop (especially the sold items)that you would like in a certain sizeor color ,please convo me and i can make it for you. It will probably not be exactly the same, since all my items are one of a kind, but close to it.
I wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving 2