Sunday, February 13, 2011

I won, i won, i won !!!

I want to show you what i got in the mail Friday.
Shortly before Christmas i got an e-mail from MMFWOOL ( Merry Meadows Farm in California) . It announced a contest to win one of their beautiful fleeces. First i didn't enter 'cause i never win anyways but then i thought " what the heck...".
So i told them why i thought i deserved to win .
Well, i didn't get the main prize but i won a $25 ! runner up credit to use on any of their fleeces .
So last week i saw this gorgeous Cormo fleece they offered ( with several others) on eBay.
The price was $32 with free shipping for 1/2 fleece. I pounced! 2.1 # of beautiful Cormo ( they keep all their sheep covered , so the fleeces are very clean).
And this is what i got :

One big box full of heavenly soft wool.
Staple on this is 4+ inches.

It has such a fine,tight little crimp!

The difference between washed and unwashed:

and here after i took the brush to a few locks:snow white and buttery soft:

If you are looking for award winning,super quality fleeces visit the guys at, or eBay,you won't be sorry.
So as soon as it warms up some i will wash all of it and then i'll have to decide what i'm going to do with it.
Leave it pure, unmixed, or mix it with some other fibers? dye it or leave it natural?
I know one thing: i can't wait to Spin it up!!!

The beauty of a hard freeze...

This is a little belated post , been really busy knitting Socks .
I made these pictures last Sunday , the first day we had in a long time that was halfway decent.
Cold but nice.We decided to take the four wheelers and explore a little below the bluff ( yes, the same one i fell off last year >:( and hurt myself ) behind the house. So we follow along this path and come to this rock wall about 30 feet high with these huge icycles hanging off of it.
With the sun hitting them it was just beautiful:

and then a little further down this frozen waterfall: