Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slow, but its progress!

While I'm waiting for a yarn order for a custom sock order to arrive, i started on another pair of lace socks with one of the skeins i dyed last week.

The pattern looks like itty bitty shells.

Very easy pattern, only one of five rows has some yo and knit together's, the rest is just knit.
They will be added to the store when done.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Multi tasking

In between working on the retaining wall and running to the supply store on a daily basis i had a little time to dye some sock yarn:

and finish sock one of another pair of patchwork socks :

I'll be using the dyed yarn for some lace and cable patterned socks.
I love how the colors came out ,very deep and rich.

Tomorrow morning before it gets too hot i will go to our annual Helen Keller festival's arts and crafts show.They don't ever have any fiber relatet items there but i love to go and see what other crafts people are into.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big goodie bag

 lookie what the mail lady brought me today:
One big bag of goodness! 7 pounds of raw Rambouillet from Texas.
Ingenious way of packaging it, the sack is lightweight and very strong , doesn't add hardly nothing to the weight , saves on shipping!!
I had to get a few locks right away and wash them, here is the result,
still in lock form :

combed out:

very nice and sooo soft. I'll wash several oz in the next few days and offer them on etsy. But if anybody is interested in getting some now or needs more than a few oz, please let me know. Price is $2.50 /oz loose or $3.50/oz carded.