Thursday, April 1, 2010

More socks...

I finished another custom order of 9 pair of socks.I love it when they're all done and i put them together like this and every pair is different and colorful and i know somebody is going to wear them and keep their feet warm and happy.

Quick kitten update: the baby's are doing great and are rapidly growing. Their little eyes are starting to open and they move around a lot more.We try not to handle them a lot yet( which is pretty hard to do, they are sooo cute), even though Bib doesn't seem to mind.But she has been trying to move them behind the sofa and under my computer desk where its dark.I caught her several times and put the baby's back in the basket, so this morning i moved the basket into a darker corner in the kitchen, maybe that will work better for her.
Other than that nothing much else going on .I already have two more custom orders for socks ,so I'll be starting on them today.I'm also getting ready for my studio to be moved in a few weeks. I am so excited about that.Finally!!! It'll be a lot of work finishing it and organizing it to how i want it but once its done I'll be.. ( well , i just had to intercept Bib again trying to hide a kitten)..set up for some serious dyeing, spinning and weaving.