Thursday, September 10, 2009

finally motorized but....

Well, i finally got my pulleys i needed to motorize my carder in the mail yesterday. I could not wait to get it all put together and try it out.

The wheel on the grinder is 2" and the wheel on the carder 6".

It works great!! but, even though i turned the speed on the grinder to the lowest point it is still too fast. It works good on the more sturdier wool like Shetland or bfl but not the fine stuff like merino or the alpaca, it flies everywhere.So now I've got to find something else with adjustable speed but quite a bit slower than the grinder, i just don't know what !
I also noticed that because of the speed it really slings out the vm and dirt during carding, that's a plus.
Maybe if i attach a brush to the carder it will press down the fiber before it gets slung off.I'll just have to experiment some more , but i like it so far especially that i have both hands free to feed the fiber in and don't have to hand crank this thing. it really speeds things up.

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