Friday, December 25, 2009

Bottle Baby

Since my beloved Blue past on to dogie heaven this last summer i finally decided to find me another buddy (we still have Skimpy but he is more a outside /doing his own thing dog).
So when my neighbours Fiest dog expected puppies i put myself on the list for a little male.
I got the call about the puppies being born on the 14th December. I was to wait about a week to give the pups and mom some time to settle and then go over and pick my puppy.
But,next day i got a call that one of the pups had been rejected by the mom and had to be bottle fed. Since the owner is a very busy woman and don't really has the time to feed this baby every two to three hours i was asked if i wanted to take him.what a question!! of course!! took me all of two minutes to run over there.
And here is what i got:

one little hand full of puppy
he weighted 4.25 oz that day

this is him 8 days later:

he now weighs 10 oz ,is very active,healthy and fat. He also sleeps through the night now which is a great relieve
I named him "Jack" in honor of Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies,which I'm a great fan of.
We are planning to teach Jack all kinds of tricks and take him everywhere we can.I want him to ride on the back of my horse,on the boat,the 4 wheeler etc.
But i think the first thing will be potty training if he is to spend anytime in the house.
He should start opening his eyes in the next few days,i'll try to get some better pics then.


Restless Knitter said...

Aww, what a cutie. I'd want to hold him all day.

Dorothy said...

How wonderful that you were ready to take this little one in and bottle feed him. I'm sure the extra handling will help him grow up into a super family friend. How super to be starting the new year with a new puppy!

Lynnette said...

How wonderful that you could take on such a task - Jack's a lucky boy! I get the warm fuzzys looking at the pics and can't wait to see him grow up.