Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Of puppies,kittens and a whole bunch of sox

Still not much going on here.We're just plucking along from day to day, awaiting spring .We had two very nice days the beginning of the week ( 74 as a high on the second day) . Got a couple of hours horseback riding in and just enjoyed to be outside. Now its raining again and drab, yuck!!
Well, enough with the weather report.
Here is a pic of Bib, as you can see she is a wee bit big around the middle.

When we got her i was under the impression that she had been spayed. Well, apparently not. That belly is not from over eating, there's kittens in there!
I expect her to have them within the next 8 days or so.
I already been asking around and might have two placed to good homes already . 
Jack has grown quite a bit but we found out that he is totally deaf.

So now i have to train him a little different ,which is no big deal but we'll have to keep him on a leash at all times unless he's behind a fence cause he can't hear whats coming . One good thing : he really pays attention to you and makes constant eye contact.
I think he tries to read our facial expressions since that is the only way for him to know whats going on. One of his little ears has flopped over which gives him a feisty look which fits his personality.
He sure is a sweet little guy. He loves to be picked up and he will sit on my lap all proud .
I haven't weight him lately but i estimate hes got about 4-5 pounds now.
The bucket you see on this pic is a two gallon small bucket and he is about that size.

He has a ongoing feud with the Turkey but he gets along fine with Skimpy ( they actually started playing a little ) and he loves the cat. They are living in the studio now and will be my working buddies once i get started in earnest.

 What I'm working on right now: another big order of socks .
Nine pair in all ,going to Canada.I've finished two pair ,working on the second sock of the third pair.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting to see how much Jack has grown - and grown he has -- he is growing into such a fine young man! Little Jack has such a sweet and expressive little face. Sorry to learn that he is deaf, although I know you will watch out for his safety. Enjoy your new weaving studio - I think it sounds glorious. Happy weaving (pet Little Jack for me). - Martha

Theresa said...

What a wonderful blog! And Jack, deaf or not is a real cutie. I'll bet he reads faces like no one's business. Dogs have such a talent for it anyway. Beautiful socks and how exciting about the studio. Oh, the possibilities.