Saturday, August 8, 2015

Well Hello there :)
After several years (3 1/2) absence i have decided to start posting again.
Just a few here and there , more regular a few months from now.
Just a short recap: I've had a major life change about 3 years ago ( separated from husband after 8 years of hell) and subsequently had to deal with some mental issues (PTSD , due to severe mental abuse),which left me in a state of severe depression and anxiety attacks.
But with the help of friends , who i will be forever grateful for, i am ready to leave the past behind and look forward to new adventures.
I will be revising some of my older posts and remove any pics or mentions of my ex.So if some of the tags on some of the posts are not accurate, i apologize.
Now with this out of the way: lets dive into new and exciting times to come.

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