Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knitty Kitty

Yes, definitely a knitty kitty !
Bib has gotten used to her new home nicely. She sits with me when i knit and follows me around in the house all day long in the hope of a treat or some petting which she gets quite a lot of.
She has gained some weight since she got here.
As a former outdoor kitty she tries to sneak out the door with us and has succeeded a few times but i catch her right away and put her back in since she is not spayed yet and the last thing i want to do is add to the cat population.
She is great company and i enjoy having her.
By the way, i want to thank everybody for their well wishing posts and e-mails after my fall off the bluff.
I'm all healed up now and as good as new ,just a little twinge when i stretch my arm over my head but that will be gone too in a couple of days.
I'm still busy knitting socks with more custom orders coming in .
There are big changes coming up in the spring (around april/may) which i will post on. One of which is my expansion of inventory. I'll be able to offer hand dyed yarns, spinning fiber ,hand spun yarns, and some weaving supplies in greater numbers by the end of summer.I'm very excited and can't wait to get going on this.

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Dorothy said...

What a beautiful cat she is!