Saturday, May 15, 2010


Our so very close i can smell it "move my studio / add to our house" project has been indefinitely delayed, possibly for several month. John got hurt yesterday helping a friend to repair the mowing machine part of a tractor ( you know, the mowing part that cuts the grass for making hay?!).

I just finished two pair of socks :
DK weight Confetti :
and fingering weight Patchwork:

available at my etsy store.
I also ordered some new books:Wendy Johnson:Socks from the toe up
Symeon North:Get Spun and Jane Fournier:In Sheep's Clothing: a hand spinners guide to wool.
I got the first two yesterday.I like the Toes Up book , a lot of beautiful sock patterns . The Get Spun is great too, with a lot of pictures and instructions on how to spin some unusual yarns. It gave me some great ideas for when i can get back to spinning again.

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