Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spinning again !

I'm finally spinning again, oh my, it's been at least 6 month or more since i sat in front of the wheel!
My carpal tunnel and tennis elbows on both of my arms are giving me fits lately ( too much knitting ) so I'm giving it a rest for a few days . Since i can't sit without occupying my hands i rummaged through my fiber stash and came across this merino/ mohair mix that i dyed sometime last year :

I had to sit down and try to remember how to adjust my wheel for a moment ,it's been so long.
But i finally got it straightened out and managed to spin up a little more than half of the fiber.

First i 'm thinking I'll ply it with itself but I'd like to have a little more yardage than that so now I'll have to come up with another color for plying, any suggestions are welcome.
Since my left elbow is really hurting bad i am spinning sitting in a little unusual position:
I'm leaning forward humped over a little with my elbows resting tightly tucked against my front hipbones. it looks a little weird but it works.

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