Monday, March 23, 2009

Dish Towel Warping Nightmare

I think i moved into something more advanced a little too soon...

Looking at all these beautiful dishtowels everybody is weaving i thought i might try my luck.

I really liked the ones reluctantdragon was showing off in the shuttle moves ravelry group.

so , i ordered the 8/2 white and green cotton yarn from the Yarn Barn and went at it.

figuring the warp took me a little but went better than i thought.

528 ends... well that's ok, isn't it?just more ends, no problem!


sleying the reed was easy, two ends in every slot.

now to the threading...easy too, right? WRONG!!

what a mess, i constantly lost count until i put the threading sequence on a separate piece of paper with a ruler sliding along ,showing me where i am. so im threading along and about 2/3 through i run out of heddles... great!! woolery to the rescue. ordered 100 and to my suprise they got here the very next day! ok! here we go... guess what... run out of heddles again, 36 short. so, again, woolery to the rescue again, and ,again, delivered over night. put the heddles in ,finished the threading...looking goood!!

until i rechecked everything and discovered several mistakes in the sleying and threading.

by now im getting really agravated,(lots of cussing and growling involved, by now hubbster doesnt even ask how its going anymore 'cause of the dirty looks).

so i fix the mistakes (so i thought) which involves undoing all of the threading(all 528 ends) and some of the sleying.

redo everything very carefully trying not to make any more mistakes.

recheck everything , guess what, two more mistakes in the threading, undo about half of it,redo it, surely now everything is right!!

You think??. not so...

discover a crossed warp in the reed and a broken end...

hubbster went outside mumbling something about feeding the fish -liar!! he just fed them 30 minutes ago !!(catch a glimps of him hustling to the pond with a rod)

by this time im a blubbering ,shaking nutcase. just the night before hubbster told me i got the patience of a saint(i wonder if there is a saint for weavers gone nuts?)

well i fix the broken end and uncross the warp... and i'm done!!

i think. i checked everything again and could not find any mistakes, i havent woven enough yet to see if there are any mistakes in the pattern, if there are.... they"ll %&^$#@% stay there !!!

There will be no more dish towels for awhile , at least until that nervous tick in my right eye is gone and my hands quit shaking !!

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ReluctantDragon said...

Wow - thanks for the blog award! I've never been selected for one of those before :-)

So sorry to hear about the frustrating time with the towels!! I hope it's all just right now, and the weaving goes soothingly smooth. I recently started threading some new towels myself, and just discovered that two thirds of the 70-something ends I'd just done were completely wrong - augh! I'm dreading the thought of finding other mistakes after all 480 ends are on... the beginning errors don't bode well. I assure you, I understand the feelings, and you have my sympathy!

Susan said...

Thank you for the nomination!

Sorry to hear about the problem you had with your towels. Maybe make a list of things to check as you go along? I find that taking time also helps to minimize snags but every now and then 'stuff' happens. It's been happening to me of late as well.

Cheerio, Susan

Jeanne said...

Thank you for the nomination!

I feel for you. Threading errors drive me nuts, too. It's all part of the initiation! :-) After awhile, you figure out tricks to stay sane and keep track of where you are. Remember, it's supposed to be a meditative process. (LOL!)