Monday, March 2, 2009


I love snow!! Everything looks so clean and pure with a layer of fresh snow on it.
So when they started talking about snow showers at the beginning of last week for the weekend i got all exited (so did hubster, he loves it even more).
As the week progressed it went from hit and miss snow showers with no accumulation to a full blown snow storm ! I kept my tv tuned to the weather channel all day saturday, watching the radar showing the snow getting closer and closer. By 4pm we had a winter weather warning . ALL RIGHT!!
It was supposed to hit our area sometime around midnight.
I didn't want to miss it so i stayed up (hubster went to bed about 10:30, i guess he doesn't love it that much !!)
Well it got 11:00 and 12:00 and 12:30 and the next thing i knew i woke up at 2 am ,looked out the window , NOTHING!!
So i went to bed too.
But when we got up in the morning we saw this:

YIHAWWW!! PLAYTIME!! We took our fourwheeldrive truck and went sight seeing.We got down the mountain without a problem ,on the highway to town we saw several vehicles in the ditch, one of them was even rolled over on its back !
Why can't people slow down??

The ducks weren't impressed at all:
but the stupid chickens did not come out of they're tree until late afternoon :
we had a good time ,it's all gone now and we are looking forward to spring (my most favorite time of the year :)

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