Monday, March 23, 2009

Sweet Success

Lookie here:

The pattern isn't centered right in the green vertical stripes but i can't see no mistakes in the pattern so far, WOOHOO!!!
Is it normal for the weft beeing so far appart? there is a lot of daylight between the rows.
i whack it as fast and hard as i can but can't get it to go any denser. will it draw together more when finishing? now THIS is fun ! maybe there will be more towels after all :)


ReluctantDragon said...

Woohoo!! I'm glad it's going better now :-)

What's your sett? Those do look a little more "open" than the ones I did, but the cotton will shrink up and draw things a bit tighter. The most important thing - whether it's a bit loose, tight, or right on - is to keep whatever you do consistent.
Are you only beating once, or giving it an extra whack after the initial one?

Lynnette said...

Great looking towels, and no mistakes to boot! I agree that it may be your sett that is making your cloth seem loose, I have found out that not all 2/8 cotton yarn takes the same sett, it really depends on who made the yarn. You can get a list of appropriate setts for most yarn grists on the interweave website. They have a yarn chart with all the yarns used in Handwoven Magazine and a range of setts. The setts are listed for plain weave, twill and lastly lace weaves. You will also see a big change in the density after fulling, especially if you throw it in the dryer (which is appropriate for tea towels.)
Beat is also important, you can often beat more weft into your warp if you gently lean back and pull rather than beat hard and fast.

bspinner said...

Washing and drying the towels will make them tighter. I can see why you're happy with them. I know I would be. Great color and pattern!!!