Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kick me while i'm down..

Well, did i ever have a shitty day yesterday.
I noticed that my left elbow(the side i had the lumpectomy/lympectomy on) was slightly swollen.Always on the lookout for the dreaded lymphedema to set in. i mentioned it to my oncologist at my 6 month check-up yesterday morning. she looked at it squeezed here ,pressed there and yes, it's a possibility . She didn't seem too concerned about it, but let me tell you:
I AM!!
I don't want to run around with one fat arm!! So i asked here what to do about it and was told to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse she'll send me to a physical therapist. What's that gonna do? I already move my arm around, how can any kind of exercise make it better? oh, and there is also a sleeve i can wear. Great!! I'm so bummed and then on top of that i found out that once i will stop taking my cancer meds in a year and a half i will loose my insurance( medicaid) since everything but actually taking cancer meds is considered non-active treatment . Well, what about all the other health problems I'm dealing with because of "the cancer" and its treatment?
chemo gave me my joint (taking meds for that) and memory (taking meds for that)problems,radiation killed my thyroid(taking meds for that) and i have mental(depression,anxiety attacks, taking meds for that) and high blood pressure (taking meds for that)from the combined experience of the whole pharmacy bill comes to a little over $900 a month!!which right now is taken care of by medicaid.once it stops i won't be able to take any of these nor go to the Doctor for anything not even a mammogram because we can not afford it.I obviously don't work and John gets a disability check and that's what we live on. we are one step away from being homeless as it is. This is scary!!! what am i going to do???I've got a year and a half to figure it out i guess , if there is a way at all.
Sorry for the whining and i promise my next post will be on a happier note(even if i have to make it up :)


bspinner said...

Who says we don't need health care reform? Not me that's for sure. Contact the President and see what they can do for you. What have you got to lose he seems to helping everyone else with their insurance and health problems these days.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magic Stix said...

I watched the movie 'Sicko' last week. If you haven't seen it yet,watch it. Amazing what other countrys can do for their people (and they are not by far as rich as the states)even Cuba!!Why does it work in england, france, canada? but according to our politicians not here? doesn't make sense.

Lynnette said...

As a Canadian who had cancer 30 years ago, I've got to tell you that socialized health care works. I am now in my late 50's have had children in both Canada and New Zealand, who also has socialized health care. Had a multitude of illness over the years and have never faced a medical bill. When you are working you contribute a small amount into the system as does your employed on your behalf and when you need to use the system it's paid for. Medication is covered either by an extended benefit when you work, so you only pay 20% which you then can claim on your income tax, or for lower income and elderly by Pharmacare (another socialized system). Please contact your representatives and tell them it's a good idea, it's not a perfect system, but it's there when you need it. I'm so sorry to hear of your situation, I send my hopes and prayers - I wish you well.

Magic Stix said...

you know , it makes me sick watching these people on tv fighting the proposed health reform. are they so misinformed or blind that they dont realize how socialized healthcare will benefit EVERYONE, not just a FEW.and it DOES work,Canada is a case in point!like you said its not perfect, but what is?we have millions of people without any insurance,and those are the once that need it the most,elderly,unemployed,disabled or just not wealthy enough to pay their own.who can afford $300-400 a month to insure his familie ,making minimum wages?
very sad that anyone in this country would have to go without.!!