Thursday, August 27, 2009

more raw wool..

I received a box of raw wool yesterday that i won on e-bay last week.
this is it, plus there are 4 bags of fiber missing out of this pile that i am washing right now.

Its from Merry Meadows Farm out of California.
They raise Cormo,Finn/Dorset/Targhee/Corriedale crosses,Targhee and Merino sheep.
The fiber i bought are cuttings, leftover from trimming the fleeces. For $3 a pound i thought I'll try and I'm very pleasantly surprised.
The fiber i got was quite clean, very little vm and most of it is absolutely gorgeous .i just had about 12 oz that is not usable for spinning(the pile in the upper right corner in the first picture) because its either too dirty or too short.The rest is just great fiber, very soft with a lot of crimp.

I'll post some pics of the washed fiber when its done.
I will surely buy more from this seller.
by now I've got about 80# of fiber accumulated, some of it has been washed or washed and carded.
but I've got about 60# still in the raw. I'm planning on getting about 10-15 more pounds in the next few days and then I'll quit.
What am i going to do with all this soft goodness you ask!? I'll get it all cleaned and carded and will offer most of it in my shop during the winter. some of it i will keep for my own use, spinning yarn to sell or keep some for myself to knit and weave with.
*So , if you are looking for good clean fibers for your spinning or felting needs look in at the shop from time to time, maybe you find something you like. and since i bought this at such reasonable prices i can sell it below what most other sellers ask .*
I bought that much because i wanted a good assortment of different breeds. so far i've got merino, cormo, rambouillet,corriedale,shetland,alpaca,romney,leicester,cotswold and several others i just can't think of right now. some of it is crossed breeds .
I will blend some of these different fibers when carding to improve the shine, handle,softness etc.
I'm learning quite a bit about the different breeds and the fiber they produce. a year ago all i could distinguish was soft , not so soft and scratchy. now i can pretty much tell you what breed the fiber is just by looking at it.
I love to work with this wool and I'm sure a fiber addict!!!
Well , i better get back to the washing,I've got four bags in hot water in the bath tub and a washing machine full soaking.
Y'all have a fibertastic day Sheep

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