Monday, February 9, 2009

Have to finish...

Well, i can't go to sleep, i've got to finish this...
So the next step is beaming the warp:

for this i just used overhand knots on the back and split square knots on the front

i adjusted the tension so everything is even (i hope)

and here it is, it's now 12:30 am and i'm really,really tired now but i've done it!

this is really so much fun!!!
i will practice some more and then i will start on a piece that will hopefully be usable :)
i'm going to look for a different kind of shuttle (boat)these stick shuttles are not going to work for me.
Night y'all im going to toddle off to bed now....

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Jeanne said...

Good job! It's addicting, isn't it?

Would you welcome a tip from a long-time weaver? Here's how to ensure your selvedges (edges) stay even, and it will work better when you have your boat shuttle to throw.

Let's say you're throwing right to left on this row.

Open the shed, throw the shuttle across to the left and lay the warp thread in at an angle rather than straight across. Before beating, grab the right selvedge and the thread and tug it a little to the right (away from the center). Then beat.

Repeat going the other way, opening the new shed, throwing so the thread lays in at an angle, tugging the left side, and beating.

This is what I do, and my edges are always neat and straight. I thought I'd share so you could skip the frustrating part that took me a few tries to learn! :-)