Monday, February 23, 2009

Peacock Shawl - all done..

So here is my first weaving project all done.
I twisted the fringe into, well ,a twisted fringe , washed it,pressed it and there it is :
Measures 65" x 20" is so very soft and drapey.
It'll go to my mom in germany to keep her warm on nippy summer evenings sitting outside in the garden.
This weaving is a lot of fun and i'm totally hooked.
I'll have to find more funds to buy some more yarn for my next project.Pretty much everything i got in my stash is more for knitting purposes. So now i'll have to get familiar with weaving yarns, what weight to use for what etc. I got some in the mail today but it's not going to work for what i'm planning next.
For this shawl i used JoJoland 100% superwash wool,fingering weight.
It is very soft and has a nice drape but since its superwash it didn't full at all when i washed it so the fibers didn't lock even a little bit,which means that the weave slips around if you don't handle it very carefully.
So,lesson learned, i'll remember this for the future and will use at least something that will full for either warp or weft.

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