Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've warped my Loom!!

After dreaming all night about warping and weft and yarn and heddles and reeds and....and...and...
i just had to try it today!
and it was really not that bad (what good instructions can do , thank you Deb Chandler !
I went through my yarn stash (which is really huge) and choose the most cheap yarn i could find, since this is just for practice i won't use my good yarn.
I used my warping board i made last year to measure out yarn for dyeing (and used it only once for that ). I just drilled a few more holes here and there and layed out my warp on it.

Eventually i'll have a better one but it works good right now.(notice the book right with it :)
got both warps done:

(notice again the book :)
That was really easy!
Next i sleyed the reed :

a little tedious but that was easy too !! I'm using my spinning wheel orifice hook for that,works great.
and then i threaded the heddles ,again with the orifice hook:
halfway done

finished!! :

that was not bad at all,also a bit tedious but kind of fun. I had a broken string in between but i fixed that plus i had two of the heddles that where crossed but i also fixed that(patts herself on the back )
i think im really going to like this!!!
it's now 10:30 and im going to bed, sooo tired ....
more tomorrow :)

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