Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Adventure

Well, what can i say? It's been a couple of month since my last post (I'm busy!!)
With the holidays and sock knitting i've not had time for anything.
I'm really not even supposed to be here right now but i want everybody to see my new addition (and excuse to buy MORE FIBER ).
After weeks of looking and comparing i bought a Loom!
First i had my heart set on a Ridgid Heddle loom from Kromski but then i decided i wanted something a little more complicated( why? i don't know , i'm just that way ).
Anyway's, i thought a four heddle ,25 inch table loom would be just perfect.
e-bay here i come!
I had about $350-$400 to spend (yes, all sock money (knitted about two dozend since beginning november). and lo and behold there was a loom like that up for auction. i bid and i bid and someone else bid...and bid .. until it went over my budget) and i was crushed.
So.... Ravelry, here i come!
i put a ISO in one of the weavers market places and got an offer the same day! A Shacht 4 heddle ,25 inch loom for $250 plus $50 shipping. Used but in great condition .
Boy, did i pounce on that!!

and here it is:
That thing is BIG !!
Now i'm going to have to figure out how to warp it and actually weave on it.
Already ordered books and a DVD, theyre on the way.
So, stay tuned for more, i will really try to update this regularly.
Now, back to sock knitting !!

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