Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keep the Wiener warm...

Ha, made you look !! :D
But seriously, get the mind out of the gutter and look here:

I made another one of those little dog sweaters. This one is for my daughter in laws grand mother. It's for a Wiener dog!( hence the title :P)

As soon as i get a pic with him wearing it I'll post it.
This is a picture of Buddha, the Chihuahua (resides in Colorado),wearing the last one i made:

I know he looks totally dejected , but his owners swears he struts like a show dog when she takes him for a walk with it on.

I also made a couple of caps, one for toddler to kinder garden age , modeled here by my grand son Daniel:

It's a little blurry, you just can't get those little energy bundles to hold still for a second!

and one for first grader to maybe early teenager size:

Also still working on the Horse Comfort Ears.Will post on them later.Still working some kinks out.
I also got all the materials and instructions and patterns together to start on the Teddy Bears.
Maybe i get to next week.


Dave Daniels said...

Oh, the Google hits you are going to get for the title of this post!
Nice colors in the little weiner warmer.

Dave said...

Hi, Gaby,
I tried to respond yo your email about not being able to comment on my site. What error message were you getting? It looks like you are trying to respond through blogger???