Sunday, January 30, 2011


FINALLY!!!! I've been doing the happy dance for the last two hours!!
Why you ask?
This afternoon at 12:30 pm , my shop building was finally moved to its permanent spot!!
After 8 months of waiting, trying, moving it sometimes only feet at the time ,it's finally done!
With the help of a friend, his wrecker,lots of chains,ropes ,pulleys and a big oak tree we got it done.
I'll be busy for the next couple of weeks, sorting, organizing,setting everything up.
I'll finally have a place for my sewing mashine, carder, spinning wheels, loom. A place where i can dye my yarn without messing up the kitchen. A place where i can just get up and leave everything sitting there without having to put everything up, and come back next day and just pick up from where i stopped the day before!!
Happy? yes , i am !!!

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