Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, new projects

Hope everyone made it into the New Year OK?!
I have been a little quiet lately, custom orders coming in pretty steady, just enough to keep me busy without falling behind.
I had two new projects to work on, one a little dog sweater , a first for me but turned out really cute:
backside :

belly side:

Jack modeling it:
I had to bribe him with Honey O's to hold still just long enough to get a halfway decent picture.
and here something really unusual:

anyone wants to take a guess?...
well , I'll tell: this is a knitted Horse Ear Warmer Bonnet. one of my customers who lives in Colorado told me that her horses ears get very cold in the winter ( Colorado, i can believe that !!).
she said she uses fly bonnets in the summer but wanted to know if i can knit something similar to keep his ears warm. Heck yes, I'll at least try!
So this is what i came up with , anyone into horses, what do you think, could this be something i could start offering in my shop? feedback appreciated. I've not seen anybody offer them anywhere for sale.
Next i'll try my hand on a really cute knitted hat. I only have one picture of it taken off the tv.
no pattern , no nothing, just a picture. Wish me Luck :)

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