Thursday, June 18, 2009

Canada,here they come...

These funky patchwork socks are going to Canada.I knit these while watching tv.

They where listed in the shop all of 1.5 hours before they where sold.
Business has been awfully slow this year.i used to have a sale almost every day, sometimes several, now if i got a sale once a week if i'm lucky.
but these socks usually go fast. I've already started on another pair.

Weaving wise im still working on the baby blanket.this will be a seamed together one since my loom is not wide enough to do the whole thing in one swoop. so i'll make two pannels and sew them together.
I wish i was good enough yet to enter Dave's 'Handweavers Swap'.
I'll practice more and if they keep it going i'll be able to enter maybe in the fall.
I'm going to try and dye some today.I 've got this supernice BFL roving ,and tons of it,i need to do something with. I've had it for over a year .I'm curious how it will spin up. It feels like a soft cloud will follow.


Lynnette said...

The socks are great, someone will really be kicking up colourful heels in them! Great colour ways with the roving...

giuseppe said...

these are the most beautiful socks i've ever seen. you're knitting 'on the fly'? ^^