Friday, June 19, 2009


I finally got around to dyeing about 9 oz of BFL roving I've had since last year (still got about 9 oz left)
I got 4 oz plus each of an emerald and kelly green with some light purple:

and another 4 oz of several shades of green (teal,kelly,emerald,), yellows,browns ,burgundy and violet.There is no blue ,but for some odd reason it shows in the pic and even after taking several in different light the teal still shows up as blue.
The colors are a little more vibrant than i had hoped for but i think that will be just fine for a scarf or shawl.
I'm going to try and spin this into a sport weight singles and weave it up in a twill pattern.Don't know yet what ill use for warp.I've ordered the new Spinning Book: Amy King "Spin Control: Techniques for Spinning the Yarns You Want" and it should be here by the end of next week.
I'll wait till then with the spinning, maybe i can glean some tips out of it that really lets me spin the yarn i want! Hope springs eternal :)


bspinner said...

Beautiful colors. I dyed some roving purple and green too this afternoon. Just have to wait and see if I like. Things do not always turn out like I would like them to.

Leigh said...

Wow, I love all the color you work with! That's endless fascination to work with. It's odd that I usually end up working with natural colors.

Congrats on that baby grandson. He's a doll!