Monday, June 8, 2009

Hot Rods, Waterfalls & Indians

John and I looove antique Hot Rods ( John used to own almost every street rod made in the 50's,60's and 70's, and he regrets not keeping even one of them,they'd be worth lots of $$$ today!). So we took advantage of a super beautiful Sunday and went to our local park where they had a Hot Rod Car Show going on ( connected to the annual Helen Keller festival).So, here are pictures ( a lot of pictures ) of some of the cars, and other sites in the park:

John drooling over this late 30's early 40's model ford

I really liked this one a LOT!!

John calling his broker to see if maybe...? (just kidding , no broker here , just broke.)

Isn't this beautiful?

How about this one...?
If you never been to an antique car show and your not really interested and you get the chance to go to one , GO. You will love it , i promise. These cars are so beautiful and the work and care to rebuilding them is unbelievable ( so are the $$$$ spend).One can't help falling in love with them.These pics are not even close to seeing the amazing vehicles in person.I can never pick just one favorite. Not one ugly one in the bunch.

This one?...
or the one on the left? no... the right....

This statue of an Indian woman holding a baby , standing by a grave commemorates the 1830s removal of 90.000 southern native Americans by force,walking them hundreds of miles in appalling conditions. Thousands died.This event is known as the 'Trail of Tears'. Many of the Indians came through Tuscumbia. The Indians where treated well by the locals and helped with food and clothing which saved hundreds of lives.

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