Monday, June 1, 2009

Late Easter?

Lookie what John brought home yesterday:

soo cute!!
Iused to raise bunnys years ago but never had to hand raise one , also there is a difference in wild and domesticated rabbits.
So igoogled about wild baby bunnies.

and was informed that they are notoriuosly hard to raise. They have a almost 100% rate of not making it past the weaning state.
I also found out that at this bunnies stage it should be pretty much weaned and that it has a better chance on making it on its own.
So this morning we took it back to exactly the spot where it was found( just not right in the road:) and released.
with some luck its mother is still around.
I wish you the best, little bunny...

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Renee said...

AWWW i was hoping you were going to try to raise it!! OH well hope it has a good life