Thursday, June 4, 2009

open weave scarf part l

This is the new project i put on the loom yesterday after the towels came off:

Right now it's 14x70 inch unfinished.
I had a ball of a three ply mixed yarn , one strand of white mohair, one strand of tan silk and one strand of a multy colored rayon chenille ribbon.
I separated the ribbon and left the mohair/silk strands together. I also had two balls of soft tan bamboo yarn:

I'm using the ribbon and the bamboo for warp and the mohair/silk for weft ,interspaced with a few picks of ribbon every so often.

The colors are very soft

and the weave is very open, 8epix8ppi
I hope it will full up a little when finished

and of course even with a plain tabby setup i've got a threading mistake. I already fixed one very obvious booboo and that was quite a mess so i'm going to leave this one alone, nothing is perfect!

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