Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I found my Billy!! :) :)
Isn't he cute? and he is very small . Ellimae at nine weeks old is already a tad taller than he is .

His name is Clyde , he's 6 months old and i found him googling on the Internet.I called the owners, making sure he was still available.We went that same day to get him.Luckily he was only about 50 miles away and this time we had no mishaps on the way.
I am thrilled to death. Unlike the other two he is as tame as a puppy.A real sweetheart.The girls were less than thrilled.Lulubelle showed him she wanted none of him. Ellimae likewise. They butted him around for awhile and he's learned real quick to stay out of reach.This morning they seem to be getting along a little better.

isn't she gorgeous?
I must appologise for all these goat related blogs but thats all that's going on here right now.
Still knitting on the black socks, still got three pairs to go.

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