Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting aquainted...

So, this morning i tied Lulubelle out in the back yard so she and Ellimae can get some fresh greens ( weeds , which we have a lot of ).
Of course Skimpy and Jack had to investigate these strange creatures a little closer. They circled like vultures, trying to get a good look and sniff.Ellimae didn't care but Lulubelle kept a close eye on them.

Skimpy got tired of it after a little while and opted to watch them from a distance.
 Jack of course couldn't leave it alone and he got nailed pretty good by Lulubelle.
 after that he decided they weren't going to be much fun after all and he went to harrass the cats.
After awhile Star came over to say hello.

 The goats weren't scared of here at all and all three of them grazed together for awhile.
So far, so good.
Still looking for a little billy :)

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