Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Great!!!!

This is my ankle as of 8:00 am this morning:
I went out to let Jack out of his pen and stepping back into the house i stepped in a small hole by the stairs and twisted my left ankle bad. I felt this wrenching sensation ,i heard a loud snap and a pain like fire and down i went, flat on my back. I laid there for a few seconds to catch my breath , it hurt so bad.
Then i sat up and took inventory, the pain was excruciating but i could move my foot, so apparently nothing broken.I got up and put some weight on it, it hurt bad but i could hobble around on it. So i got in the house and put a bag of ice on it. Within 10 minutes the ankle  had turned all colors of the rainbow and swelled up considerably.
 Unfortunately i had a doctors appointment at 11:00 i didn't want to miss.So i hobbled to the car , parked right in front of the clinics front door ( I'd take care of a possible ticket later).
The doc looked at it, said that nothing seemed to be broken ( i surmised that already ) and that the loud snap i heard where the ligaments tearing off the ankle bone. Just great!!
He said i"d been better of with a broken ankle , because for these tore ligaments to heal I'm looking at several month of painful limping.Just great !!!!
And just as the heat seems to abate and i could actually do some things outside like building a goat pen and shelter for Clyde and his girls.
But no! Here i sit on the couch, foot elevated and  in a brace . Just great!!!!

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