Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Goat Adventure...

I've been toying with the idea to add a goat  Goat to our menagerie for awhile now.I've been tempted several times this summer to buy a baby goat but i didn't because i was really looking for an African Pygmy goat.
I used to raise them several years ago for about 8 years in all.I love these little goats. Tamed they are very affectionate,loving pets.They're smart and because of their size (below knee high ,weighing about 40-50 # as adults) easy to handle.
So yesterday i decided to go to the local goat sale, sometimes a Pygmy gets mixed in with other goats. When we got there , there where only 6 goats there and they where all the big breeds.
So when we got home i googled local pygmy goat breeders and found a Nanny with baby  about 60 miles away.
I phoned the Lady, got some more info about them, got a price i could not refuse and told here we'd be there in a couple of hours (when i ever get rolling i waste no time :)
We had to take the horse trailer to put them in (wouldn't you know , just a couple of weeks ago i gave away a big dog crate ).Of course that meant we had to go in the truck which has no air conditioning. Boy was it hot. By the time we got there we looked like we just took a shower with our clothes on.
She took us to a little barn with several goats and pointed the pair that was for sale out. Love at first sight !

Needles to say the lady got her money and i got my goats!
We loaded them up and off we went. About 5 minutes down the road we experienced some bad truck trouble. We slowly limped to the next town 8 miles down the road and took the offending ,trouble making part off right there in the auto zone parking lot.
5 minutes later we where on the road again.Within just a few minutes we ran into a horrendous rainstorm.
We crawled along at about 5 miles an hour ,could not see the road it rained so hard.
After about 15 minutes it got somewhat better and we thought we survived the worst when we run into the next one even worse.Some of the road started flooding at least over a foot deep.One little town had the manhole covers blown out with water spurting out of the drain holes like geysers.
What a mess!! but eventually we drove out of it and when we got home it hadn't even rained there at all.
We left the goats in the trailer overnight with food and water and then this morning i transferred them to their temporary home : Jacks pen.
Little jack was going to eat them up when he saw them. He's never even seen a goat before and he is only the size of the baby but he tried to attack mama goat with hair standing straight up on his back and all of his teeth showing.These little dogs are gritty! Mama goat put her head down and gave him a taste of her horns and that is all it took. Jack backed up.He was growling and barking at them but didn't try again to get close.
I tied him up to the outside of the pen for several hours this morning for them to get acquainted. I think that did the trick. Jack doesn't hardly pay attention to them any more.
So, all is well. I Love my little goats.
I think I'll call them Lulubelle (mama) and Fleur (baby).

They have not been handled a lot and are a bit shy (to tell the truth you got to run them down and hold on to them) but that will change very quick, i'm fixin' to pet the hair off of them :)

Now for a little Billy Goat.... ;D   
...aaand maybe a  Sheep  ,or  Sheep  Sheep ?!

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