Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer - Blah's

There is absolutely nothing going on here! Everything from construction to weaving/knitting/spinning has come to a complete standstill ( i don't even have a decent picture of anything to put with this post (hence the smileys).I am working on a order of seven pair of socks going to Germany now and then. I'm dragging my feet on them because they are all black and i'm really not enthused !!
It has been sooo hot !! SweatyThe last four/five weeks have been absolutely horrible with no break in sight.Most days are in the upper 90's Boiling Hot with a heat index of 105 - 110. Today is supposed to be an even 100 with a heat index of 105-114. The low last night was 78 and now at 6 am it's already 79 degrees. Same tomorrow and Tuesday and so on and on....
Thank goodness we traded our old Jeep in for a little Blazer and it's got a working AIR CONDITIONER!!! I LOVE this little car!!
Now i can go shoppingShopping spree/ run around any time i want to without feeling like i'm going to melt. Melting I don't even mind getting caught by the train.I can wait :)
Hopefully this heat is going to break sometime soon so we can commence on our construction project.Never got to move the Studio yet :(
It seems that we can't just slide the building around without damaging it. so it will be put on a big trailer. That means we'll have to hike the building up, maneuver the trailer under it, set it down, move it to its designated spot, hike it up, pull trailer out from under it, then set it down . NOT IN THIS HEAT!! So i wait.
Very frustrating.Pouty
Well, better get back to the socks. After the second pair i started to put little cable patterns on the rest just to break up the monotony.
Stay cool y'all
Backyard pool

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