Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good news...

Well' i'm back from the doctors office and as i thought i've got a tennis elbow due to the pushing down of the levers.
But... it can be fixed :).
I've got a six day supply of a cortisone medication that will,hopefully, cure the inflamed nerves in my arm. If that does not work or it comes back i'll have to get a shot right into my joint, yes i know, i don't like that thought either, so we opted for the less painfull option first.But i was told that the shot more than likely will fix the problem permanently if not at least for 6-12 month.
Nonetheless i see a foot operated loom in my future.
I'll have to lay off weaving for the next 8-10 days to let this heal and then i can get back to it... (doing the happy dance..).
So meanwhile i just have to entertain myself knitting, speaking of which i better get to it...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of all the trouble your loom is giving you! :-( Sounds like a floor loom might be safer for you. I hope it all heals up quickly.

bspinner said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your health/loom problems. Floor loom isn't the answer to everything. Right now mine is doing a number on my back and I have to lay off weaving for awhile to rest it up.

Rest up many more weaving days in your future.