Monday, April 27, 2009

meet Toby

meet the newest addition to our mini -farm:

isn't he handsome ?
he is a hand raised, domesticated wild tom turkey. my stepson brought him yesterday.
Toby knows his name and answers to it by gobbling( is this an actual word?) loudly.
He is a total people oriented bird, he slept on the porch in front of the door of my studio last night(of course he left a couple of not so pleasant gifts behind). he stays close to the house and when you come out or talk to him through the window he talks to you. he lost one of his tail feathers in a fight with the boss rooster shortly after getting here. Toby won :). well i better go hose off a certain porch .

p.s: i feel back to normal today , thanks to all the well wishers.

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