Wednesday, April 29, 2009

between a rock and a hard place...

my weaving problems are just getting worse.
i've been weaving a little on and off over the last few days, doing everything but throwing the shuttle with my left, last night my shoulder was a little sore (i'm still working on the huck towels and have to whack the weave pretty hard). i'm laying there trying to go to sleep thinking about my aching shoulder and it hit me...i'm not supposed to do anything with that arm at all that might put injury or stress to it! this is the side i had the lumpectomy four years ago.i'm not even to let anybody take bloodpressure there.
they also removed several affected lymphnodes then. so any stress or injury could cause my arm to swell up permanently. so now i'm really in a bind: do i risk the swollen arm (which is irreversible) or agravate the carpal to the point where i need surgery(which is 15%-90% succesfull, depending who you ask)?
my weaving future really looks bleak right now (there might be a loom for sale in the near future :'(
(Seems after a few days of light weaving my soreness is gone, maybe it will work out to the good !!)


Peg in South Carolina said...

I have had two mastectomies (about 18 and 12 years ago) and the accompanying lymph node removals. You are supposed to exercise, including stretching and lifting (light) weights. Doing this helps to keep the lymph flowing. If you weave regularly, keep doing it, but if your arms get tired, stop. Probably throwing shuttles all day every day is not a good idea, however. Start lifting light weights and very very gradually build up more strength in your arms. You should also wear lymphedma arm bands (I tend to do that only in the summer when it is hot, which is not good for lymph flow, and especially when I work in the yard. With the first arm I had three attacks of swelling, after having done foolish things such as double digging daily for two weeks, something my muscles were not used to. Within 3 weeks the swelling disappeared each time. The other arm, through no fault of mine, has slight lymphedema. It gets slightly worse in the summer, returns to its low level in the winter. I suggest you find a lymphedema therapist. Googling should help here. The absolutely worst thing you can do is not to use your arms. The second worst thing you can do is to wear watches or bracelets or anything that will impede the lymph flow. If you want to contact me, here is my email addy written out: ccarpentaratscdot rrdotcom

bspinner said...

What ever you decide to do GOOD LUCK.