Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm done with the towels!
i just cut them off the loom.
They came out a lot better than i'd hoped for. i'm tickled s%#tless .
I noticed one mistake where i missed a row, other than that the pattern is good.
my selvage is even, but i didn't use a floating selvege so the first thread on either side is loose in places, but i'll sew them over anyways so nobody will know but li'l ol'e me :)( and you of course ).
So, now i was going to weave a crossover scarf next ( i got all kinds of yarn horded for that one), but i think i will weave another set ( or two ) of towels first (those things are addictive!!).
i picked out the "friendship towels in huckaback" from the interweave press "design collection #18". so, off i go to figure out the warp and weft (skipping away ...tralalala....
Ps. so far no complaint from "the arm".

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Jeanne said...

Well done! They're gorgeous! (Trust me. Most people won't notice one missed row. They'll be distracted by the overall effect and the fact that you wove them yourself!)