Thursday, July 9, 2009

two more for Canada

A recent customer loved her socks so much that she ordered two more pair.Repeat orders give me a great sense of accomplishment and pleasure,tells me I'm doing something right.

I've been working on them since last week (that's why i didn't post anything in a few days,I'm busy! )that and there is just nothing going on right now (summer blah's).
The heat is so bad at this time of year that I'm practically housebound.It never used to affect me much but i think the chemo has made me very intolerant towards humid heat(cold has bothered me all my life,65F and under and I'm freezing,so that's the same).dry heat, not so much ,which would be OK if we lived in I've got until about 9 am and then I'm stuck inside(wal -mart is very empty at 6:30 am!!).
I'll try to get back to spinning tomorrow. i ordered a fast flyer set up for my ashford last week and had no chance to use it yet.Better get these socks ready for shipping,Canada,here they come!!

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