Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've been Carding like crazy.So far i've got 1.2 lb carded into eight 2oz batts.
It's amazing what you get out of something gnarly looking as this:

and thats after washing it several times,the tips will just not come clean.
into something soft and fluffy as this:

i still have about another half pound of this mix to go .i mixed the x-bred (soft and fluffy) with the corriedale (soft ,shine,fluffy) and think thats going to be a pleasure to spin.staple lenght is about 5 inches.But first the dyeing part.
After i run out of corriedale i'll have at least three more pounds of x-bred fleece left.
more carding,but the resulting fiber is worth all the efford,at least its all washed now.

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