Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hunting for a local source

Hubster came home yesterday with the news that one of our neighbors had bought a bunch of sheep."Oh goodie" i yelled, clapping my hands. maybe he'll sell me some fleeces!!
told hubster to ask what kind they where and if he'd be willing to let me have some of the fleeces next time he'd run into him.false alarm, they are some kind of meat sheep with very short hair.
well, back to the drawing board. i think I'm going to contact the local FFA and 4 -H chapters and see if they can help me find someone with sheep, llama or alpacas. i also have some connections to professional AKC dog breeders, i might find someone with a long haired breed who might let me have theyre combings . I'm also going to put an add in the paper that I'm looking for fleeces.
something close by ,maybe a 30 mile radius. that will be efficient enough not using too much gas picking it up. frankly the postage on shipped fleeces (or anything else )is just killing me. I find a great deal on e-bay or other sites and by the time postage is added its not a good deal at all anymore.local, local is the ticket, pick it up in person.

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