Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spinning fool...

HELP!!! I caught the spinning bug!!All i want to do right now is spin, no knitting,no weaving, I WANT TO SPIN!!!
First,here is some more hand spun i finally got of my Kromski Prelude last night.It's been there half done for awhile:

This pic was taken with a flash so it looks grey, reflecting the light.

It really is jet black
Dave, I'm catching up!!
Not hardly. I've got to add up all the yardage but it probably isn't even half a mile.But I'm making a small dent in my fiber stash.Plus I'm getting a lot more confident ,sure and relaxed with my spinning. I finally start to understand the workings of the wheel better (adjusting tension etc.)

This is a super wash merino with a lot of short bits of recycled sari silk mixed in while carding.
two ply
11 wpi / worsted
very soft and drapey.
Next i got several pounds! of a merino-polworth x bred/ corriedale 50/50 mix fiber to work with.I've got most of the raw fleeces washed and dried and started to card them together.
Boy i wish my carder was motorized! I'll get hubster to take a look , maybe he can hook something up. It sure would make the whole process a lot faster and easier.
I wont get to dye it until next week since we are preparing for our annual St. Jude Benefit Trail Ride coming up this weekend. It's amazing how much work and preparation goes into 2 days of camping, especially with horses.
Maybe i can find some already prepared, ready to spin fiber in the stash .
Before i get lost in all that fiber i need to show you something. I'm almost ashamed to because it really is a mess.My studio is one of those ready assembled sheds you've probably seen sitting in peoples yards everywhere.This one is a generous 12x24.
We are renting to own , we've got 10 more month until its ours.Since we don't own it yet outright hubster didn't want to do anything to it until then (just in case we have to give it back).
That means there is no insulation, no water, no permanent electric.
That means no heat in winter ,no air conditioning in summer.So the time i can spend in there actually working is very limited.Also its not in the spot i want it to be yet either. All this is going to be remedied as soon as its paid off.Until then its used more as a storage building than a 'working in studio'.And this is what it looks like inside as of right now:

what a mess!!

But my yarns,fibers,equipment is save and dry and.. out of the house.
(goes off to find something spinnable...)

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