Monday, July 20, 2009

A little sore but HAPPY...

FINALLY!!! After 5 years hiatus (since my introduction to 'The Cancer'), we finally got to go to an overnight trail ride.The occasion was our annual St.Jude Benefit Ride.Last time we attended that was 3 years ago for just a few hours in the morning, since i could not handle our usual July heat which brings me to the fortunate circumstance that we could actually go this year and stay.
At this time of year we usually boil with temps around the upper 90's or even triple digits with very high humidity which makes it feel even worse.This year we got a lucky break.forecast since last week was unseasonably cool temperatures,so we decided to risk it. It took us most of the week to load everything on the bus , get the tack sorted out and cleaned up .we didn't get to put shoes on our horses but that was OK, the trails are mainly in the woods or sandy.
At the last minute the bus had some kind of air conditioner trouble and we almost didn't get to go,but hubster fixed it.
Well, Thursday afternoon we had a line of thunderstorms run through and after that the temps really started to come down.We got out there early Friday morning and secured a very nice camp site.

After setting up camp i just could not wait any longer, my stepdaughter and i saddled up our horses and rode around the 60 acres campsite and adjacent farm grounds (trails didn't open till next morning).

(F)Red (the mule), Vandal, Charley

As soon as i slid my butt into the saddle i felt like a new person. My,do i miss my riding!!
Early saturday morning we saddled up our horses (hubster rides the mule) and off we went.
We ended up wayyyy on top of the mountain at Davis's Farm.When you get there they have hand squeezed lemonade( as much as you want) and home made cookies(as many as you want) and a view for miles around.

The trails where beautiful and the weather perfect:low 80's ,low humidity, light breeze,little white clouds here and there, just perfect.

Brandie on Charley and John on Fred

After a couple hours lunch break at the camp we where off again.
The trail we took was one of the most beautiful rides i had in a long ,long time. All in the woods , big old trees, along and partially in a super clear creek.Unfortunately the camera was sitting forgotten and lonely at the camp, bugger!!
If i could do this on a regular basis i would not need to take that stupid depression medication.
We got back late that afternoon, build a nice camp fire and cooked us some really good cowboy stew, sat by the fire for awhile and went to bed .
We decided next morning not to go out again but give our sore behinds and the horses a break. We cooked us up a nice breakfast,broke camp and went home.All in all it was a great weekend(the best time I've had in a looong time).We weren't as sore as we thought we would be and I made hubster promise that we'll do this again soon.

As soon as i get the bus unloaded, washed clothes,put everything back where it belongs I'll be getting back to spinning again.I've got some polwarth/merino-corriedale carded up that i need to dye.Probably first thing tomorrow morning, i'll post pics of the outcome.There are several 2 oz batts.I'll spin some and offer some in the shop.


Jeanne said...

Now THAT looks like my idea of a fun weekend! Isn't it just heaven on horseback? So glad you got to do that. I love the mule. :-)

Lynnette said...

Wow, it really does look like you had fun and so glad the weather cooperated.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Lucky girl! The last time I went on a long ride was back around 1981. It was a ride up the local volcano/mountain - 10 miles straight up and then back down - and it worked like a March of Dimes Walkathon. People paid you "x" amount of money per mile that you rode. I had an old trail horse - half Saddlebred/half Racing Quarter (quite unlike the other horses we had, which were all cutting Quarters) - and nothing fazed her. She was about 18 years old, a gorgeous deep gold Palomino named Ria. I was so tired on the way down that I just laid the reins across her neck (as well as myself) and let her go. She made her own trails through the brush, and I'm so glad that I decided to ride hunt seat that day - less leather and more room for me to lay down as she walked. We went the entire way with no problems and incredible views of the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area (Mt. Diablo for those of you who are familiar). I live on a horse property now, but I can't have a horse due to financial reasons. What I wouldn't give to have her back! I know she's long gone, but she'll live forever in my heart :)