Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's all Dave's fault!

Well, i finally got cracking on Dave's Summer of Spinning challenge.
I sorted fibers ( some of what i got stashed) Saturday and Sunday.
This is about 1/5th of what i got:
Everything from raw, unwashed fleeces to ready to spin fibers.

I picked out about 16 oz of natural colored fibers and some white washed locks which i dyed in more natural colors:

There is some baby Shetland ( soft,soft,soft), Alpaca(soft),Cotswold(for shine),silk(! 'nuff said),
and some mystery x-bred yearling fiber(merino? soft and lofty).
after dyeing and mixing and carding this is what i got:
Nice Autumny colors.
and after spinning it up on my Ashford Traveller:
two and one half bobbins of soft lace weight singles:

I've had problems with spinning thin yarns before , they came out over twisted and wiry.
I took my traveller apart a few month ago to finish it in a dark mahogany. i started but got sidetracked and quit about halfway through.So it's been sitting in the studio since before Christmas.Now with Dave's challenge i did not want to wait to finish it so i just put it back together half done:

and for some odd reason it spins so much better now, i can actually manipulate the settings where i can get a yarn that is thin but soft.Search me!!

Now for the next batch to ply with:

again some Cotswold locks i dyed copper(looks like orange but i will mix it with something darker),the x-bred fleece dyed chocolate brown,natural baby Shetland(man that stuff is soft!)
and merino in dark brown.I'll be busy with the carder for awhile.
I'm going to weave shawl or a very wide scarf (depending on how much yardage i"m going to end up with) in a 2/2 twill pattern, for : my selfish :) i hope it comes out all soft and snugly warm .

In between i pulled out some black super wash merino, mixed it with lots of recycled sari silk bits and spun that up on my Kromski Prelude:
That will make a stunning scarf!

Not sure yet what color warp I'm going to use yet. Maybe black?, or a really deep dark red?, or a very colorful variegated yarn in the colors of the silk bits?. any input greatly appreciated :).
better run, i can hear the carder calling. THANKS DAVE for getting my butt in gear !!

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Dave Daniels said...

OMG! LOOK at all that fiber! Good thing you're getting a head start on spinning. I'm glad you got your wheel back together and working smoothly now. WOW!
And, yes, I'm guilty, this is ALL my fault. [Hangs head in shame...and grabs a bag of fleece when you weren't looking!]