Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chick magnet

we have another new addition to the family:

speedy was born (or egged?) on wednesday. He/she(don't know yet if hen or rooster) is a Auracana-mix . Mother is still sitting on the rest of the eggs( i dont think they will hatch), so i took speedy and brought him/her inside to hand raise(another spoiled pet !).
Speedy took up with John right away:

I m a wee bit jealous:they're sitting on the couch in a huddle , feeping(word?) at each other and i swear once in a while they look at me and snicker! i sense conspiracy!!

speedy snuggles up on johns neck (hey, thats MY spot!!) and goes sound to sleep.
It calls desperately for him when he's gone.
As soon as john comes in the house he's like:' "where is my little buddy?"
I've been replaced by another chick!

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