Monday, May 11, 2009

spun, plied,nowhere to go...

i plied the singles i spun up last week and got the softest ,squishiest yarn.
I'm very pleased with it, this time it did not come out harsh and wiry.
soft, soft. soft!!
I like the colors too, i wasn't quite sure if i should ply it with itself or a solid single but then i would have to make my mind up about the color for that: light, dark?? so i decided just to ply with itself and i think it looks just great:

I've got 555 yards so far, maybe another 100 or so to go.
This should make a good size shawl for ME, ME ,ME!!! :)

now i have to decide what to use for warp. I've got a commercially spun soft 100% merino yarn, i think that will do nicely. so now, what color do i dye that? dark brown, light brown, burgundy?
i really don't know, I'm not mentally there yet to envision what it may look like.
well i have some time to decide because first i have to finish the towels that are still occupying the loom.

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Lynnette said...

I'd go for the light brown! I just made a burgundy shawl and I don't have a thing to go with - I swear it clashes with just about everything except my couch!