Saturday, May 16, 2009


Spun a few yards test yarn with the light periwinkle blue.
this pic really doesnt do the color justice, i'll try to get a better one whenever the sun comes out (if ever, haven't seen it in days,just rain, rain ,rain)

it came out just the way i wanted. perfect! I love this fiber, it spins like butter and is sooo soft.
i took a little and plied it with itself.I got a ratio of 16 wpi.I think thats somewhere between a fingering and lace. Sweet!! I did try to ply some with the mohair but didn't like that at all!
so, i'll be plying it with itself and maybe some i will mix the colors in a barber pole ply.This will take me several days to do, since its so thin and i've got 12 oz of this.
back to the wheel...

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