Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NOT a big help

Speedy has now graduated to secretary(not a very good one):

When i work on the PC it'll scamper up my leg and hop on to the table.From there it( we still don't know if hen or rooster, pleese don't let it be a rooster !)will piddle around on the keyboard,(thank goodness it's not heavy enough to compress the keys, yet) check out the mouse, peck here, peck there,poop here,poop there(man, it poops a lot!!).I'm constantly wiping off poop. Speedy is not allowed on my shoulder anymore for that reason. It's the lap with a towel under it.
It runs loose in the house most of the day but stays really close to us.If i leave the room in a hurry and it looses me it gets really upset, running around, calling (good lungs, very noisy).
Y'all should hear the noise it makes running across the kitchen floor with it's flat little feet! Too cute !
i really don't know what its going to do when we have to put it out(unfortunately chickens don't potty train).SPEEDY! not on my slippers !!!...

By the way, we don't know what happened to our owl chick.A few days after i took the last pictures i noticed that the mama didn't sit on the nest any more at all, i also could not see the chick peeking out anymore.Mama hung around for a few more days then disappeared. Sad!
I had really hoped it would make it!

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