Friday, May 29, 2009

more spun yarn for Dave's SoSC

I finally finished my first batch of the super wash merino "periwinkle blue".
I got four bobbins full of very fine singles:

I plied two bobbins into this very fine, fragile two ply.
The twist on the singles is not as much as i wanted but it will be OK for weft. It really is very soft.
I got 278 yards out of the two bobbins and should get about that much on the other two.
12-13 WPI.
Now of to spinning the dark denim...

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Dave Daniels said...

That looks great, nice and soft. I'm just finishing up 4 bobbins this evening that I'll probably ply with bobbins of other colors late next week. Isn't all this spinning fun (and productive!)?