Sunday, May 31, 2009


Just took my first huckaback towel towel off the loom. I used the Two Stick Heading described by 'Dust Bunnies under my Loom" here , because i still have warp left for a second towel but wanted to see how the first one came out without having to wait to finish both.

I had intended for them to be one color each, one blue, one red.
After i started i realized i didn't dye enough yardage of each color so i decided to stripe it , i call it "Red, White and Blue".
I had one warp string break, which i fixed:
and i discovered a threading error about halfway through(fifth square from the left) in one of the squares. It shouldn't be at all noticeable after finishing
and here it is
unfinished size : 22" x 35" its BIG

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